Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NoQ?

    If you want to run online campaigns with a large number of users in a short period of time, use NoQ Flash, which will enable your site to receive up to one million traffic streams at the same time and quickly publish campaign results;
    RoomQ is ideal if you just want to make sure your system is stable without delays or crashes, and your users don’t have to worry when waiting in line, as it transfers excess traffic to the queued page and puts the crowd back to the target page based on the intensity of congestion on the target page.

    In both cases, it improves customer satisfaction, company reputation, and business efficiency.

  • How is NoQ Flash different from traditional virtual waiting room system?

    NoQ Flash allow millions of end users to submit their requests simultaneously, all end users get result within minutes. In some use cases, NoQ Flash has better user experience than virtual waiting room system, e.g. lucky draw registration, event registration, etc…

  • Why not just revamp our system to handle more traffic?

    First, the traditional way to support large traffic spikes is to increase the load capacity of the entire system. This approach is likely to be designed to redesign and develop the entire system, which will cost a lot of money and time, so a service that can elastically increase or decrease bandwidth is perfect.

    In addition, network traffic is an unpredictable number, and accidents can happen at any time.
    Using Serveless, NoQ has the flexibility to expand bandwidth as traffic increases or decreases at any time, reducing unnecessary space and waste of money in a way that traditional methods cannot.

  • Can NoQ protect our mobile app?

    RoomQ provide mobile application SDK for integration, your skilled moblie application developer can integrate it within hours.

  • What devices are supported NoQ?

    Any device: Android & ios phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers

  • Which service should i select? NoQ Flash or RoomQ?

    RoomQ is suitable for most general scenes, while NoQ Flash is suitable for flash sales, lucky draw, bulk user registration, voting events, or events with large amount of quotas, etc. because the user experience is faster and more agile.

    Please ask our customer service specialists for more information and we will be happy to provide you with free information.

  • Is it secure to use NoQ Flash or RoomQ?

    NoQ’s products built on mature cloud platforms, e.g. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service. The stability of the services is gauranteed. We also invite 3rd party cyber security auditor to review our systems, there are no significant cyber security issues exist in our system.

  • Can NoQ provide support on our event days?

    NoQ’s products are well tested before launching to production, there should be no critical issues for normal usage. Event day support is also available in our services, we will provide dedicated support engineer for solving client’s issues.

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